Friday, August 11, 2017

Fruit-Infused Water Display

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We all know that drinking water is good for us, so making fruit-infused water is a great way to inspire that while adding a nice bit of flavor.  But how can you make a fruit-infused water display that keeps the fruit from floating on top?  It's pretty simple.

Start with a glass jug.  I got mine on Amazon. 
Fill it partially with ice. Then take a few slices of fruit and slide them between the ice and the glass.  (Be sure your fruit is washed and stickers removed.)

Add more ice and more fruit.  Continue in this manner until the jug is full.  Then add water.  Isn't it pretty.  Such a great way to inspire us to drink water and adds to your home decor.


  1. Oh, I'm thirsty just looking at it! I found you! I've not done a lot of blog reading lately, but I ran across your name when I was looking at one of my old blog posts, so I thought I'd stop in and say hello. Hope all is well with you. Did you move from Flagstaff? Just wondering with the blog change. Be blessed!

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

    1. Hi Laura! So good to hear from you!!! Yes, we left Flagstaff almost a year ago. We now have a little farm property about an hour's drive away. MUCH, MUCH warmer here, but a longer growing season, so that's been fun. I've been terrible about blogging. So many changes in the last year. I've mostly been focusing on my YouTube channel (, but plan to get back into it soon. Hearing from you inspires me to get going with that. I'll probably start up another blog hop, too. :) Hope all is well with you! --Jennifer